A classy shine that brings a new property to life or contains the character of an older build. Our slate roofs are one of our specialities and is also one of the most popular material to have on an exterior Roof space, Slate is a high quality timeless option for most homeowners, fire resistant, Eco friendly and phenomenal atheistically.
Slate Roofing in Manchester

Slate is very a energy-efficient material. Because it is very dense, it can help keep your home cooler in the summer, by preventing hot air from entering your attic and your home. And, in the winter, the heavy, dense slate material helps prevent warm air from escaping, and being released into the atmosphere. In both cases, slate helps you save on your heating and cooling bills.

Completely fire resistant

As a natural stone product, slate is completely fire resistant, unlike asphalt shingles and other such products. A slate tile roof will resist high heat and temperatures, and fire – making slate roofs ideal if wildfires and bushfires are a major concern near your home or building.


Slate is a naturally-occurring material, and requires very little processing, unlike other products like asphalt shingle roofing and metal roofing. This makes it more environmentally-friendly.

Long lifespan of 100 years or more

With proper care, it’s not unheard of for a slate roof to last at least 100 years, and some roofs can last 150 years with proper installation. In contrast, most asphalt shingle roofs must be replaced every 15-30 years. Wood shingles may only last 20-30 years, and even most metal roofs will not last past 50 years.

Durable and low maintenance

Beyond checking for broken or loose tiles, and occasionally washing the roof, a slate roof requires no other maintenance, and is very durable.

Very little roofing waste

Even when a slate roof must be replaced, the slates themselves can often be re-used for another roofing project, or for other purposes, like flooring, and building garden pathways, or even driveway.

Welsh Slate is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality slate for an unparalleled range of design-led applications.

The inherent beauty and qualities of slate have resulted in its specification and use by architects, developers and interior designers, and not least, the range of beautiful slate tableware.

From its source in North Wales, Welsh slate has been used and crafted by many generations of people from all walks of life since early Roman times.
Spanish slates stand out by their high quality and superb aesthetic finish and they are considered to be the best roofing material. Spanish slate is already one of the most renowned roofing materials, and more and more architects and housebuilders are using it for their projects.
This slate, which is extremely hard and durable, has a fine textured surface and excellent edge detailing. It is probably the nearest alternative in terms of appearance to the Burlington Blue Grey slate. The slate does not contain any pyrites or metallic inclusions that could cause oxidisation on the roof.
Combining the charm of a natural slate roof with the advantages of fibre cement technology. Eternit fibre cement slates are light weight, durable and low maintenance. 60+ year life expectancy. its Low maintenance and can be recycled
Graphite Fibre
Cement SLATE
Rivendale Fibre
Cement Slate
The ever-economical and practical fibre cement slate offers the designer and contractor more aesthetic and installation options. Rivendale fibre cement roof slatefeatures a riven surface and dressed edge, combining the benefit of modern slatetechnology with the look of natural slate.